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Civilization III: Reviews

Civilization III: Conquests

updated 1-16-2004

Computer Games Magazine   (4.0 / 5.0)
"Conquests is a thoroughly worthy addition to the Civilization family."
- Steve Bauman, Computer Games
Game Informer Magazine   (9.0 / 10.0)
"The historical Conquests are a riot to play." "Needless to say, the depth here is amazing, as it always has been - but it's this expansion's refinement that makes it worth getting."
- Adam & Kato, Game Informer
Strategy Informer Review   (9.0 / 10.0)
"Regular readers will know I am a critic of expansions, bemoaning the fact that you don’t get enough for your money. C3C is thankfully, the exception to the rule. If you have ever played Civ in any of its incarnations, C3C is an absolute must buy."
- Roy Holbrook, Strategy Informer
Gamezone Review   (8.7 / 10.0)
"If you own the original Civilization III you must own this latest expansion. This expansion helps make the previous game even better with the addition of new and challenging conquests, new Wonders, and myriads of other things that will rob you of your sleep at night."
- Michael Knutson, Gamezone
PC Gameworld Review   (88% / 100%)
"A welcome addition to the ever-evolving series with enough new content to make it a worthwhile purchase."
- Kris Warshefski, PC Gameworld
Gamespy Review   (4.0 / 5.0)
EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD: "...this expansion is definitely worth the dough."
- Matt "Kindrak" Chandronait, Gamespy
Gamespot Review   (8.5 / 10.0)
"It's hard to believe that Civilization could get any better, but it has."
- Jason Ocampo, Gamespot
Games Domain Review   (4.5 / 5.0)
TOP GAME AWARD: “If you found yourself at all invested in the first, you're going to want to check this out."
- Chris Hudak, Games Domain
IGN-PC Review   (8.5 / 10.0)
EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD: "Even if you don't care at all about the smaller scenarios, there's plenty to be enjoyed just in the additions to the standard game."
- Steve Butts, IGN-PC
"The new wonders and units add to the game very nicely, the adjustable aggressiveness is something to make me really thankful, and the elaborate scenarios deliver new longtime fun. A must for Civilization fans!"
- GameStar Magazine (German Publication)
GameSpot Preview
"Few games have been as influential as Sid Meier's Civilization..."
GameSpy Preview
"Playing the Conquests has been a hoot.   Yes, a hoot!"
IGN-PC Preview
"As if I needed another reason to keep playing this game."

Civilization III: Gold Edition

updated 12-10-2003

Gamezone Review   (9.0 / 10.0)
"I absolutely love this game... If you are looking for a game that has infinite replay value then look no further than this game!"
- Michael Knutson, Gamezone

Civilization III: Play the World

updated 9-15-2003

Game Power AU(8.5 / 10)
Games Domain(3.5 / 5)
PC Gamer Magazine(68 / 100)

"There should be no reason for any Civilization III owner, both casual and hardcore, to not pick up the expansion..."
  - Jonah Falcon, UGO

"...Civilization III: Play The World is a must-own for any Civilization III owner"
  - Jonah Falcon, UGO

"'s an addictive addition... It couldn't be clearer that the folks at Firaxis are looking to reward their loyal fans."
  - Ken Brown, Computer Gaming World, November 2002

"Firaxis hopes that Play The World, the upcoming Civilization III expansion, will make multiplay an essential part of any turn-based game, and based on my playtime, they're on the right track."
  - William Harms, PC Gamer, November 2002

"...There's something for every type of Civilization player"
  - Computer Games Magazine

Civilization III

updated 9-15-2003

Computer Games(5/5 stars -- Editor's Choice)
Computer Gaming World(5/5 stars -- Editor's Choice)
GameSpot(9.2/10 -- SP Strategy Game of the Year)
Gamespy(93/100 -- PC Strategy Game of the Year)
IGN PC(93%)
Next Generation(5/5 stars)
PC Gamer(92% -- Editor's Choice)
ActionTrip(Score: 92/100 -- Editor's Choice)
AllOutGames(Score: 94/100)
Entertainment Depot  (Score: 9/10 -- Editor's Choice)
ESCmag  (Score: 10/10)
Gamers' Press(Score: 9/10 -- Editor's Choice)
Gamitopia(Score: 93/100)
Game Revolution(Score: A- -- PC Strategy Game of the Year)
GamePen(Score: 4.5/5 stars -- Editor's Choice)
GameVisions(Score: 98/100)
Happy Hippo(Score: 5/5)
Lost Hours(Score: 9.5/10)
MrFixitOnline(Score: 5 stars -- "Classic")
Strategy Informer(Score: 9.3/10) 4/5 stars) 94/100)
Thresh's Firing Squad(Score: 96% -- Editor's Choice) 93%)
VoodooExtreme(Score: 95%)

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