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Civilization III: Patches

PATCH - CIVILIZATION III PTW v1.21f                (3-03-2003)

For the US version only and is completely incompatible with any European version.

The v1.21F patch for Play the World addresses issues related to online matchmaking, unit movement delays, player exploits, and out of sync errors, as well as many other minor updates. This patch will not work with European versions of the product. Check out the readme file for full details on all fixes. Filesize: 11.2 MB

 Download from

PATCH - CIVILIZATION III v1.29f                (7-18-2002)

The v1.29f includes substantially expanded editor support, including the ability to create new units, advances and civilizations as well as place units and cities on the map. Additionally it adds a minimap and zoom functionality as well. There are new game features included such as Fortify/Wake All Units in a tile, the Accelerated Production rule and mechanisms to track the creation of Great Leaders. It also includes numerous fixes, tweaks and changes based on tester and customer feedback. Filesize: 9.91MB

 Download from

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