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Civilization III: FAQ : Victory & Defeat

Windows Version:
.: Pentium II 300mhz
.: 32 Mb RAM
.: 400 Mb free HD
.: 4X CD-ROM
.: DirectX 8.0a video
.: 1024x768 Req.

Mac Version:
.: iMac, iBook, G4/G3 PowerPC
.: System 10.1 or OS 9.2 (or better)
.: 96 Mb RAM
.: 100 Mb free HD


The Civilization III FAQ: Victory & Defeat
Last Updated 3/2002

Victory & Defeat

What are the different ways to win the game?
Is the "Dan Quayle" screen in Civ III?
Can I continue to play after the game has ended?
Will there be an endgame "replay"? What will it look like?

Diplomacy & Espionage
Trade & Resources
Culture & Nationality Combat
Victory & Defeat

What are the different ways to win the game?
There are six ways to win a game of Civilization III. Depending on your play style, you may find some victories more suited to your strategy than others.

The most traditional way to win, the conquest victory, is always available. Eliminate all the other Civs and victory is yours.
The "space victory" ("Alpha Centauri victory") from Civilization II is back, but this time the goal of the space race is fulfilled when you complete and launch your spaceship. The spaceship is constructed of 10 parts, and completing it will require various strategic resources, including aluminum, rubber, and uranium.
A new cultural victory can occur if one of your cities amasses 20,000 culture points, or if your entire empire amasses at least 80,000 culture points and no rival civ has more than half of your cultural value.
The diplomatic victory condition is enabled after the United Nations wonder has been built. Once built, the UN will meet periodically to vote on a leader. Any civ that receives a majority of votes from the U.N. council wins the game. The catch here is that in order to even be on the U.N. council (and thus eligible to be elected U.N. leader), you must either control 25% of the world's territory or population. The civilization who builds the United Nations wonder automatically gains a permanent council position.
The domination victory occurs if you control a majority of the world's land surface within your borders. This can be achieved through various means, either by cultural tactics or military ones, or a combination of both.
Finally, if the game ends and no one is victorious by any of these, the game uses a "histograph" to determine the winner. The histograph averages the "score" of all the remaining civilizations, taking into account their score across the entire game. The civ with the best average "score" wins. Thus, your performance in ancient times is every bit as important as in the modern era.

Is the "Dan Quayle" screen in Civ III?
Yes, after winning, losing, or retiring from a game, you will be ranked and given an appropriate title that suits your accomplishments.

Can I continue to play after the game has ended?
Yes, you can continue to play after the game has "ended", though no score data is recorded after 2050.

Will there be an endgame "replay"? What will it look like?
Yes, there is a "VCR style" replay that shows the world map and a graphical representation of the map and its territories as time passes. You are also able to toggle on an event popup that shows when and where important events occured (cities founded, conquered or destroyed, wonders built, Civs eliminated). Click here to view a screenshot.

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