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Civilization III - Conquests: The Wonders of Civ-Conquests

Developer Update: The Wonders of Civ-Conquests

By Ed Piper, Production Assistant - Firaxis Games

Civilization III: Conquests introduces a large number of all-new features and improvements. This developer update provides details on some of the new wonders that are available in Civ-Conquests. It also describes how other wonders have been updated to be even more effective when utilized in the game.

 The Temple of Artemis
Required Tech : Polytheism
Cost : 500 Shields
Obsolete : Education
Effect : Places a temple in every city the owner controls on the same continent.
The Temple of Artemis is one of the most expensive Ancient Era Wonders in the game, and with good reason. The massive early culture boost that it provides is arguably just as effective as a stack of Gallic Swordsman. Combine this cultural benefit with a the attributes of a Religious Civilization, switch to Monarchy (for an increased chance to convert your Despotic neighbors) and you have one passive-aggressive, cultural-converting juggernaut. For an additional boost pick up The Oracle, but remember: once Education appears your towns will become much more "rowdy."
 The Statue of Zeus
Required Tech : Mathematics
Cost : 200 Shields
Obsolete : Metallurgy
Effect : Produces one Ancient Cavalry every 5 turns. The Ancient Cavalry has an offensive value of 3, a defensive value of 2, and a movement value of 2. In addition the Ancient Cavalry benefits from an extra hit-point.
The Statue of Zeus was constructed from sculpted ivory, and as such requires ivory to build. Surprisingly, this wonder can be just as useful for both peaceful, nation-builders and warmongers alike. Simply disbanding the Ancient Cavalry it creates within a city in need of extra production points. Alternatively, the Ancient Cavalry with stats of 3/2/2 acts as an excellent war-time unit!
Temple of Artemis
Statue of Zeus
 The Mausoleum of Mausollos
Required Tech : Philosophy
Cost : 200 Shields
Obsolete : N/A
Effect : Produces 3 happy citizens in the city which it was built.
The Mausoleum of Mausollos is ideal for the expansionist player who that wants a large core city for use in Wonder Production. At only 200 shields, this Wonder is one of the most inexpensive Wonders and becomes available with Philosophy. Considering that Philosophy now also provides a free technology advancement to the first person to research it, the Mausoleum could provide a great head-start for players who are trying to get an early advantage in the technology race.
 Knights Templar
Required Tech : Chivalry
Cost : 300 Shields
Obsolete : Steam Power
Effect : Produces one Crusader every 5 turns. The Crusader has an offensive value of 5, a defensive value of 3, and a movement value of 1. They can also build Fortresses.
The Knights Templar wonder can be constructed in the early half of the Middle Ages and typically remains available until the beginning of the industrial age. The Crusader units that it produces, while slower then knights, are just as strong and have the added ability to create fortresses. These Crusaders can be very effective when used to secure your own vital, strategic resources; or conversely: when denying your enemies the use of any important strategic resources.
Mausoleum of Mausollos
Knights Templar
 Secret Police Headquarters (Small Wonder)
Required Tech : Espionage
Required Gov. : Communism
Cost : 200 Shields
Obsolete : N/A
Effect : Allows a communist civilization to build the equivalent of a second Forbidden Palace.
The Secret Police Headquarters helps to enable Communist Governments to control and thrive with larger empires.

Updated Wonders
After reading forum threads and participating in various live-chat sessions it has become clear to us at Firaxis that a few of the original Wonders from Civilization III have not received as much use as some of the other Wonders have. Fan-requests to update those Wonders did not fall on deaf ears since we have decided to add a number of enhancements to some of these original Wonders. Listed below are some examples of these changes:


The Great Wall
The original design for the Great Wall proved very useful when it was used to protect your country. The only catch, however, was that your cities must already have walls to benefit from it. This wonder has been changed to add walls to any city on the same continent. While originally defensive in nature, this Wonder now also allows you to more easily keep a city that you took from someone.


Shakespeare's Theatre
"8 extra happiness?! That's great, but it was built in my capital and they are already happy! I researched a non-required tech for this?" Ok, we got the point. To further enhance this Wonder, we modified it so that it now allows you to surpass the 12 population limit in the city which it was built. This makes the 8 happiness much more useful since you can now get to a size 20 city before the dawn of the Industrial Era!


Military Academy
There were not as many complaints regarding the Military Academy, but we thought that armies could use a boost. So now - in addition to the ability to build Armies - all Armies now receive 1/6th of the combined attack/defense rating as a bonus to the Armies combat effectiveness.


Last but certainly not least, a Tourism-Bonus trait has been added to a large number of the Wonders in Civ-Conquests. This new trait allows Wonders that have been around for a long time to produce commerce. The longer the Wonder has existed, the more commerce it will produce. Wonders that receive the Tourism-Bonus include:

The Pyramids
The Oracle
Hanging Gardens
The Great Wall
The Statue of Zeus
The Temple of Artemis
Mausoleum of Mausollos
The Great Library
The Colossus
The Great Lighthouse
The Sistine Chapel
Leonardo's Workshop
Copernicus's Observatory
Shakespeare's Theater
Newton's University
JS Bach's Cathedral
Hoover Dam
United Nations

- Ed Piper

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