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Civilization III: Ask The Civ Team: 9/28/01 Edition


Your Cheatin' Heart


Will there be a cheat mode in CivIII? The reason I am asking this is cause every once in awhile I find my self in a bind and need to use the cheat mode from time to time. Hope I get an answer soon.




We're sorry to say there are no plans to include a cheat mode in Civilization III, though you could use the editor that will ship with the game to modify the game rules and make the game easier.

Playing On


Hey, I would just like to say how much i love the civ games and I love to be able to play on one game as long as i want to. So my question is will there be any options like (continue on with play) like there was in civ 2, be in the new civ 3 game?


Yes, you can continue to play after the game has "ended", though no score data is recorded after 2050.

Map Sizes


Dear Civ 3 team,

To start off everything on the web page just makes me want to play the game more... prepping up with older versions awaiting the arrival of civ 3... My question is how large of maps will you have for game play, meaning the size of the entire world. Most of the other games seem to me to be too small, when the world as we know it the USA has some hundreds of cities and around 30 large cities, yet 30 cities on most Civ Worlds takes up a huge portion of the map... I was hoping that you'd make even larger sized maps than in the past.




The default world sizes in Civilization III are as follows:

Tiny World:60x60 4 Civs
Small World:80x80 6 Civs
Standard World:100x100 8 Civs
Large World:140x140 12 Civs
Huge World:180x180 16 Civs

You can use the included editor to alter these world sizes, with the ability to create maps up to 256 x 256 in size.

We Do Windows


Will Civ 3 work in windows XP?




Yes, the game runs under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP without any problems. Windows NT is not supported.

Warmonger's Lament


Hi CivTeam!

With the strong emphasis on trade and diplomacy, is it still possible to win by destroying all other civilizations? I kow it's written in the specs that it is possible, but to what extent? I mean, is it the most difficult way to win? Do you need to have a lucky emplacement with all the resources available to be able to build and maintain an army?




While we've certainly expanded the importance of diplomacy, culture, and trade, warmongering is still a viable approach to playing and winning the game -- it's just not as easy to win by the might of your sword alone. You will probably need to use diplomacy and trade to complement your military strategies unless you get very lucky with your starting location. So no matter which victory condition you set your sights on, you should still need to utilize a variety of skills, including using diplomacy, trade, and your military.

Do-it-Yourself Government


I have a number of questions to ask regarding government and economics: What governments will be available in the new Civ.III? I've been dying to know since I heard Fundamentalism is out. Will your choice of government effect your culture points? Will the length of time under a certain government get you more points? For instance, if I choose to remain in a Republic, will my culture points per turn increase? Also, will there be economic systems like capitalism and socialism? If so, how will it effect the game?

I love what you guys have done in terms of culture, wonders, making attributes for the civs, and all the other toys you've made. I'll be looking forward towards the release! Keep'em coming.

With Anticipation,



Civ III will ship with six government types: Anarchy, Despotism, Monarchy, Communism, The Republic, and Democracy. Using the supplied editing tools, you'll be able to add new government types to the game. While your choice of government does not directly affect the production of culture, the editor allows you to assign a required government type to wonders and city improvements, effectively making a particular government more conducive to culture generation.



This may seem rather dumb, but when I played civ 2, the music got really rather annoying. If you would be so kind, could u have in game Win Amp support, I am sure it would really be appreciated. If not Winamp, some kind of ingame way to play your own music while still hearing sound effects would be very nice.

Also, though you haven't done the Russians yet, I am guessing the cossack is its unique unit.


While we can't include WinAmp support in the game, you can change the volume of music and sound effects independently, so you can disable music but still get the full glory of the sound effects. Using programs like WinAmp in the background while playing Civ III seems to work fine, so you shouldn't have any problem listening to whatever music you want to while playing.

As far as the Russian unique unit goes, our lips are sealed!

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