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Civilization III: Ask The Civ Team: 9/14/01 Edition


Survey Says...


Hi! My Sincerest Thanks to the Civ Team (all the way from Civ I to the present) for making my most FAVORITE games! Since the release of CIV3 will be on my birthday month, one of the first things I'm going to treat myself to is to BUY the game! (considering pc game prices here in the philippines, thats a BIG thing! :) )

A question though: In Civ 1, one of my most used game screens was the Top Cities of the World screen. It showed the top five cities of the world according to population, wonders, facilities, etc., and i sadly discovered that this feature is not available in Alpha Centauri ( i have not had the pleasure of playing Civ II, so i dont know if it is still present there). That screen was one of my best indicators that I was ahead of the other civilizations in the game, and a great satisfaction can be derived from seeing that all top five cities belonged to your civilization!

well, that is all for now. Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!




Thanks for your mail, we appreciate the kind words. Now, on to your question: the "Top Five Cities" screen is definitely present in Civ III. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Governing the Governor



I'm a big fan of Alpha Centauri. But something that has been bothering me about the governor is that you cannot give him global commands, and you cannot forbid certain structures/units. What if I don't want him to produce (insert structure here) in any of my bases, but I want all other structures? The governor is very handy when you have a large kingdom and just can't be bothered with micromanaging every city.

Is this something that there will be time to add in Civ 3?


Karl Rausing



Ask and you shall receive. The governors in Civ III can be instructed on what to produce as well as what NEVER to produce, and these can be set on a city-by-city basis, or on a continental or global level. So you could, for example, instruct the governor to emphasize production in this city and never to build settlers on any cities on this continent, but to always produce defensive units in every city in your empire.

Ride the Terrain


Will you be able to place resources in maps when making them?

Matthew Sharp



Yes. You can alter any terrain type to determine which resources can be found in that terrain type, and you can also manually place resources on your maps.

Smells Like....Victory


Hi Civ Team!

I was wondering how the new forms of victory work? I understand the old forms (military and space) but how do cultural diplomatic and dominance work? If you win any of these ways is it not a form of dominance? Thanks for your time. Can’t wait for the new game as the first two were awesome!

Philip Edamura



Here's a quick primer on the new victory conditions in Civ III:

A cultural victory can occur if one of your cities amasses 20,000 culture points, or if your entire empire amasses at least 80,000 culture points and no rival civ has more than half of your cultural value. (These values may fluctuate as we test them out, but you get the general idea.)

The diplomatic victory condition is enabled after the United Nations wonder has been built. Once built, the UN will meet periodically to vote on a leader. Any civ that receives a majority of votes from the U.N. council wins the game. The catch here is that in order to even be on the U.N. council (and thus eligible to be elected U.N. leader), you must either control 25% of the world's territory or population. The civilization who builds the United Nations wonder automatically gains a permanent council position.

The domination victory occurs if you control a majority of the world's land surface within your borders. This can be achieved through various means, either by cultural tactics or military ones, or a combination of both.

Finally, if the game ends and no one is victorious by any of these, the game uses a "histograph" to determine the winner. The histograph averages the "score" of all the remaining civilizations, taking into account their score across the entire game. The civ with the best average "score" wins. Thus, your performance in ancient times is every bit as important as in the modern era.

Plays Nice With Others



Let me first say that my wife and I are really looking forward to Civ 3. I introduced my wife to Civ 2 and CTP2 and she absolutely loves turn-based strategy style of game play. Not a week goes by without her asking me when Civ 3 is going to be released! :)

The only difficulty we've discovered with turn-based games like Civ & CTP is that multiplayer games can be slow and cumbersome, especially at later stages in the game. I've always envisioned the next great Civ-style game to introduce simultaneous turns in multiplayer. I'm sure this would introduce quite a few technical challenges though. So my question would have to be how is Civ 3 going to address this issue?

Best regards,

Joel Dudgeon



Thanks for your email! We're working on some cool multiplayer concepts that will take a fresh approach to the challenge of making multiplayer for a turn-based game fun. We're not yet ready to give details, but stay tuned. When we have more to report, the site will be updated and our fans, as always, will be the first to know!

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