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Civilization III: Ask The Civ Team: 8/9/01 Edition


A Pillagin' We Will Go


I was wondering if the pillage option would be back. Earlier you said that the same rules from civ 2 apply as to enemy units invading your territory: You could sternly warn them until they went into the radius of one of your cities at which point you could kick them out. Well, if you bring back pillaging, will your enenmy be able to pillage a road between two cities outside the radius of either city? It seems rather unrealistic if the enmy can trash the countryside so long as he doesn't do it near the cities.


Pillaging is indeed a part of Civ III, and a very important one. Because resources are now so much more important (for producing certain units and for keeping your people happy), pillaging can be an effective way to throw an enemy city into disorder or cripple an enemy's military production.

Pillaging inside the borders of another Civ is considered an act of war, so neither you nor your opponents can destroy each other's infrastructure without serious consequences.

City View


Civilisation 1 was fantastic, Civilisation 2 was gamerĀ“s heaven and I believe Civ 3 will be the game to die for. Keep working. I have one idea of improvement of city view: In Civ 2 pictures of city were more or less the same. Gamer could identify if city is situated by sea or not, size of city and improvements built in it.

My idea is, that city architecure should vary according to type of civilisation asian, european... (actually icons of cities on game map in Civ 2 did but city view not) and ACCORDING TO TIME, when city was found. Cities found in ancient ages or middle ages should have historical center with narrow streets, palaces and temples, after the invention of industrialization this historical center should be encircled by the ring of smoking factories and tenement houses and later (invention of automobile?) by few skyscrapers and garden suburbs. This is basically europan style city. Cities found in modern ages should have classical american downtown with skyscrapers, garden suburbs and chess board like streets (american style city).

Would do you think about it?

P.S. It would be nice if you could update Civ 3 site more often.

Andrej Cirtek



Thank you for your email! The new city view screen does indeed change based on the cultural group of the Civ, as well as the current era (ancient times, middle ages, industrial age, and modern era) that your civ is in! Take a look at our gallery for some screenshots of the city view!

We know it's been a long wait for an update, but we hope you think the new site was worth waiting for!

Revenge of Rules.txt


Hello Firaxis team,

I would like to know if you will still use a textfile with rules for the units and terrains. I'm asking this because I always liked to alter the terrainrules to get more food and shield production. I also would like to know if their will be premade maps and if they are bigger than the ones in Civ II.

I am really looking forward to play the game.

Jan van Nistelrooy



We are hard at work on an editor which will allow you to customize the rules to your liking, in very much the same way as the rules.txt file did, though we think the new editor is a lot more user-friendly! We do plan on shipping with a premade "world" map, and you will find that maps in Civ III can be much larger than those found in Civ II. Our random map generator is also much improved over Civ II's, so you should get challenging and enjoyable maps every time.

Unit Support


Are the units going to be supported by the city they where produced from, or will they be supported by the entire civilization?


Units are no longer supported by the city that produced them, they are now supported by your civilization as a whole. Depending on your government type, you can support a certain number of units "for free"; after that limit is exceeded, you must pay maintenance per turn for additional units.

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