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Ask the Civ Team



Civilization III: Ask The Civ Team: 5/11/01 Edition


Settler Surveying


Just a quick suggestion: Could you work out some sort of "estimate city diameter" into the game? This way you could go just push a button and it would show what squares would fall into a city by highlighting them. It would make things a little easier in terms of placement of your cities. Thanks!

I can't wait to play the game. Good luck putting it together!

Chris Prahler



Thanks for your e-mail. We were thinking along those same lines when we started working on Civ III, as you can see from the graphic below. When a settler unit is selected, your display will show where the borders of your city would fall if you were to build a city on that square.

You say Potatoe


Are you going to bring back the "Dan Quayle Chart" for when you retire or win the game? One of the things I loved about the original Civilization was trying to go higher and higher on the chart so I could be better than the great world leaders. It took me forever but one time I finally beat Solomon the Wise. Somehow the ending for Civilization 2 just was not as satisfying. Is more fun to beat Tokugawa or Charlemagne than simply go up a list of adjectives like "X the Foolish."

Thank you for making such a great game series!!!

Darryl B.



We are definitely planning on bringing back the "Dan Quayle" screen. It should function about the same way it did in the original Civilization.

Citizen Control


In Civ2 and Alpha Centauri you can place the workers of city on any square within the city borders or let a governor do it for you. Or you can turn them into specialists (like entertainers and like that).

In CTP2 this feature is no more. You cannot see the squares with working people on them. You cannot place them at your will. It is a disturbing trend.

How is it handled in Civ3?




Have no fear! You will indeed be able to decide which tiles within your city border your citizens "work". As in Civilization and Civilization II, you will also be able to convert citizens into entertainers, tax collectors, or scientists. Also, nationality and culture now play key roles in the productivity and maintenance of your city. Foreign nationals will reside in captured cities and may choose to resist your rule, or throw your city into revolt.

Custom Advisors?



One thing I liked about Civ 2 was the advisors. One thing I disliked about the advisors were the same advisors saying the same things with each new game I play.

Will we have access to new advisors whether we download them from Firaxis or a 3rd party. I think it would increase a freshness to a game where the advisors are different each time. Perhaps we can fire them and hire new advisors.




Creating and adding your own custom advisors to the game should not be a problem. Advisors are comprised of a single graphics file and a single text file. Both are relatively easy to edit, so I suspect we'll see quite a few custom advisors available for download.

Viewing Your City?


Hi Firaxis Team,

Will you still have the ability to "View" your city as it develops as in Civ II. This function wasn't incorporated in Alpha Centauri much to my disappointment. I realised then that it is this sense of reward that keeps me coming back again and again to build up my cities' advances. If not can you please seriously think about including a graphical representation of each individual city? I've talked to a few fans and all remember fondly how their favourite city looked in each historic age (3-D would be nice but not mandatory).
Thanks & Regards




You'll be pleased to know that the "city view" is back, and will indeed reflect the current state of your city, from wonders to city improvements. Your city view also varies depending on the terrain of the tile on which your city is built, whether or not the city is adjacent to a river or coast, and so on. You'll even be able to see differences in your city between major eras of the game. Finally, each civilization is reflected in the architecture of buildings within your city. Culture type and era (along with city size) will also determine how your city appears on the main map screen.

You can see some examples of the new city view

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