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Civilization III: Ask The Civ Team: 3/1/01 Edition


Retreating from Combat?


In Civ I and Civ II, there was no way for a losing unit to retreat from combat. In Alpha Centauri, on the other hand, a fast unit could retreat after taking damage, but ordinary infantry could not. What do you aim to do as far as this is concerned in Civ III?


Good question. Units that have a speed advantage over their opponent will be able to retreat from combat, but you will also be able to launch an "assault", where your units will essentially attack until they win or are killed.

Mountain Man


Hi there,

I'm brazilian, so there may be many errors in this message. I liked a lot the landscape in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, so my question is about the terrain in Civilization 3: will it be flat like Call to Power and Civilization or will it be like Alpha Centauri ? I don't like being told that there's a mountain there, I like to see the mountain also. The bonus artillery gets when firing from the top of a mountain is a great idea in Alpha Centauri. I can't wait to get a few screenshots from the game.

Thanks a lot,

Felipe Rodrigues Barbosa



The terrain system is completely new and we think it's the best-looking terrain that has ever been seen in a Civilization game. We're not quite ready to show it off yet, but to answer your question, terrain features will definitely not be flat. You will also see combat benefits depending on the terrain you occupy when you attack or defend. Stay tuned, as we will be talking about the terrain in more detail very soon.



I like all the Civ-games, but I think the first one is the best. Civilization II is also fun, but I was disappointed when the Replay was removed from the game. One of the best parts after you had won or lost was to see how the other civilizations and your own civilization had grown. Now to the question: Will you have Replay in Civilization III?




We will definitely have a replay function similar to the replay system in Alpha Centauri. We're also considering adding some new features to it, but at this point, nothing has been finalized.

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